Saints Row: The Third : The Trouble with Clones DLC Steam Review

The Trouble with Clones welcomes you back for this new three mission, hour long downloadable content for Saints Row: The Third. Its the same over the shoulder, third person shooting action that you remember from the original game, with a few new twists. After a mysterious phone call, you’ll visit a nerd named Jimmy Torbitson that reveals, he has cloned one of the previously dead characters Johnny Gat. Is it really Johnny? No, its nothing more than a voiceless mutant clone.

You play as your created character from the game with all your upgrades. Then as you go on each of the three missions, you’ll hear his tongue in cheek narrations as you travel from place to place with your homie Pierce on a dark and stormy night. Well at least for the first mission, then the second and third missions are always night time in a Steelport city that has gotten turned into a fiery battleground.

The dialog and missions are silly as ever. One of the highlights of comedy was hearing Pierce sing an awful song up on stage, “Bounce like my checks did back in the day, before I got this paper, before I got paid!” You’ll get a new bee swarm gun to hold off crazed fans as they rush for the speakers. The swarm gun isn’t that fun, you hold the trigger to charge a shot then release. It doesn’t look like bees, especially at night. Dare I say it almost looks like a vomit gun.

Then for the third mission, you’ll even get super powers. I know, sorry to spoil that for you, but these superpowers feel like the bridge between this Saints Row and the next. You’ll have super speed, a super punch that has a 1960s Batman style popup that says BAM and you’ve got fireballs. Oh yes fireballs. They work like rockets, but without an zoom in. To keep you using these powers instead of guns, the game takes your weapons away. After the mission gets done, it takes the super powers away from you, so you can’t use your powers ever again. That would probably break something. Its just an interesting gameplay for a single mission. There is some very fitting dramatic music to go along with the running scenes. It could be one of the unspoken best parts of this DLC.

On each mission, you’ll get chased by the cops, the Morning Star gang and the Steelport reserve army. The reservists make this a more memorable set of missions, because they have SUVs and helicopters chasing you in peak moments. You’ll have to stave them off a few times with a laser guided rocket launcher. No matter how many missions involve rocket launchers in the vanilla version of Saints Row: The Third, its still a lot of fun to cause that much mayhem.

By the end of it all, you’ll unlock a useless new vehicle and two new homies to call for your gang. If you think that its Johnny Gat and the nerd, I’ll let you be surprised. I don’t suggest buying it on its own when there are DLC bundles that have it included for a cheaper price. Otherwise its a good hour of everything that is Saints Row.

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