My Gaming Resolution: To not buy or spend money on gaming in 2015

I have read idiots on other sites wondering what’s your gaming resolution? Well gaming is entertainment, they shouldn’t be goals. I’m one to talk. I plow through games like a shift at work. I I have 1,100 games on Steam. I even bought 30 games on the last Steam sale (25 for me and 5 for friends and I was even given 2 games). I don’t need more games. Nor do I need to spend money on them.

So as tough as it may be, I have decided to declare that I won’t buy any new games or spend money on gaming in 2015. Even if I miss a sale, what’s the worst that will happen that game won’t be on sale at the same time next year? If I get bored of the 250 games on Steam that I have played, I haven’t played the other 850 that I own.

I always see sales and buy games no matter how awful they are. I’ve tried to steer away from games I really feel aren’t worth my time like point and click adventures. I think that genre has past its prime. That feels more like the addiction of a good deal wow I can’t just pass it up! I have so many games from bundles that the bundles are starting to offer nothing new but one game. Then I just don’t feel its worth it to buy it just for that one game.

At some point I was just buying games and not playing them. I needed to force myself from playing 50 hours of Team Fortress 2 a week to play and complete the other games I was buying. It is like candy. Very easy to just drop in and play a match and get out. With other games you need to invest time. Time to listen to the story, learn the mechanics and even travel. Some games have lots of traveling. At least games are getting more streamlined with their gliding, grappling hook and driving mechanics to speed things up.

In my earlier years, I managed to live off Doom for a decade before Team Fortress 2. I’ve spent around $2,000 in that free to play game. Did it make me any better? No. Did I enjoy it more? No, but I enjoyed the friendship. I have a lot of Steam friends and the invites. Its the other people that keep me in the game. Even if half of them have gone onto DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global offense. The problem is its not the keys or the weapons I buy in Team Fortress 2, its the $1 tour of duty tickets to play with my friends on expert.

When I get bored of first person shooters, there are always relaxing management games to fall back on. I’ve only had a few of them to tide me over 25 years of PC gaming, but management games like RPGs are time sinks. They are almost forever games. Every time you play through is different.

Let’s see how long I last.

7 thoughts on “My Gaming Resolution: To not buy or spend money on gaming in 2015

  1. That’s not a bad resolution. Have you ever heard of Project Spark? It is a free to play game available on Xbox One and Windows 8 PC’s. You can create your own game, or play the thousands of other user created games for free. There is a ton of good stuff out there, in my opinion similar to cheap Steam games.


  2. I would really like to get to the bottom of this spending obsession on steam for games you aren’t even that interested in.


    1. Its like how people buy things that are on discount. Yet I’m always the person to tell other people “not buying it saves the most money.” Maybe its like a “gotta catch em all” sort of thing.


  3. I think that is a solid new year’s resolution. I myself find it very hard not to buy anything that has a discount. It seems we are becoming more spoiled, and obsessed with discounts, instead of investing time in games. I hope I can manage to contain myself for this year.


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