All Stars Racing Cup Steam PC Review


All Stars Racing Cup is an isometric homage to RC Pro Am, but manages to so much more lackluster than the 80s classic. The driving is dull, there’s no grand prix, it’s an uninspiring exhibition with a few closed circuit courses. It’s so basic, generic and devoid of content that it’s probably an asset flip.


As mentioned before the driving is dull, but the highlight is being able to run into cones that line each course and they’ll bounce out of your way. The racetracks needs walls, since you can drive off the pavement and over the grass. Without walls, you can drive wherever, but the game still recognizes that you should be driving on the pavement. You however, will not know where you left the pavement, and you need to go back to that point.


Each exhibition forces you to select a car and three opponents to race against on four tracks. There’s a variety of vehicles, but without stats, I’ll assume they’re all the same and that’s rather disappointing. Thankfully the game remembers the vehicles between exhibitions or it would be a pain setting that up each time.


The computer controlled drivers do an adequate job, but on a game without much content or fun, their driving skills don’t matter. Seeing a semi truck spin out made it useless as a competitor. I’m unsure if it was unable to turn around or had a tire stuck in the ground, but it happened twice on my brief play time. When the first vehicle finishes its three laps, the race is done. No placement is given and you can’t finish.


There are only a four tracks, each has the same flat terrain and the same grassy theme. Some of these tracks are long, which result in boredom sinking in quickly. Long tracks don’t need a forced three laps. Even changing the color of the objects would go a long way to making each course feel different. If the selection of vehicles can at least have different colors, why not the environments?


When I click the settings, the game freezes, but that might be a first time issue. The game allows for online play, but well if the racing isn’t fun and there’s not much content, I didn’t even bother trying, I’ll assume that there’s no one waiting to play.

Even as a dirt cheap game that’s constantly on sale, I can’t recommend this game. It’s shallow, dull and uninspiring. Even with a solid engine, there are no frills that motivate me to see the light that this could be a great game rather than a quick cash in and possible asset flip.

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