Bully Game Blog (Psychotic Teachers)

Its been a horrible week for me outside of games. I haven’t had a chance to play that much. I am still slogging through Bully: Scholarship edition. I made it through the winter that is chapter 3. Then I quickly breezed through chapter 4. How did I quickly breeze through it? I stopped going to class. This causes the perfects (cops) to chase after you any time they see you. For the most part, chapter 4 consists of missions that are well off the beaten paths. Fighting nerds in their fortress, rescuing a teacher from a mental institution that doubles as a rehab center.

Chapter 1 focused on helping the nerds, chapter 2 was all about the preps, chapter 3 was taking on the greasers in the wrong side of town. Chapter 4 was all about helping the teachers while fighting the jocks. I can only imagine that chapter 5 will be to fight the perfects or the teachers themselves. These teachers, cooks and administrators that have needed me (Jimmy Hopkins) to help them with their love lives. The cook that wanted a date with the science teacher. The art teacher throwing herself at the drunk English teacher and even the gym coach on his quest for underwear! Heck there was even a mission for the science teacher that made me think it was Breaking Bad a decade before the show existed!

The more I describe it, the more interesting it is. Me helping a drunken Santa. Me helping nerds. Me running through an American Gladiators style gauntlet. It all sounds fun. Playing it however is still wearing me down. I just really want to get through the game. Its a lot of travel. Even riding a skateboard or bike the missions are getting further and further away. The class mini games are getting more challenging, but not insurmountable. I’d say I’m having more fun with the educational mini games, but they just get in the way of the game itself.

To cure my complacency, I started buying outfits for my little thug of an avatar. Everyone gives me money for missions, but I never actually spend any of it. All of the weapons are just there for me to pick up in my dorm room.

In Chapter 4, the nerds had cooked up a plan to over throw the jocks. The first was photos of the head cheerleader, but don’t worry she was seen as a cold mean bitch earlier on. In chapter 3, a jealous greaser boyfriend had me following his two timing dame as she used man after man. Its an interesting theme this game is going for. Chapter two had a girl that just liked the wrong boys including the protagonist. The first chapter had a nerd girl throwing herself at Jimmy. Heck in chapter 4 there was a point where Jimmy though the art teacher was throwing herself at him. Its quite the trend.

But you know its just a bunch of tricks. The game throws so much at you mission after mission. The story is getting to be fluff. As great as the characters are, I feel a need to just skip through the cut scenes. I know the female characters will be evil for the most part, the male characters will be evil. The nerds and dorks will be your allies and the adults will be crazy. I don’t even need to see it. I know their characters so well.

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