About Me

I get in about 50 – 60 hours of games in a week. That’s all you need to know. I blow through games on medium difficulty, try to get 90% of achievements, but if its inefficient, I leave them behind. Then I review the games. I do try to play through the entire game before I review it. Some games are short enough that I can play twice then review them. Other games that don’t hold my interest I review them after 4 hours and then move on.

I like to have one blog come out per day, because I don’t want to be excessive. The only problem is that I can write several blogs and reviews per day. So there is quite a line coming down the pipe. Enough of a line that if I get two weeks full of blogs, I’ll end up having two blogs per day. I apologize if that’s too many, you can always unsubscribe or change your email settings.

Looking at my reviews, they tend to be technical rather than entertaining. Critiquing rather than fueled by humor. Perhaps that makes my style dry and more beneficial to a developer over a reader.

I’m very flattered that I’ve gotten so many follows in the little time that I’ve been on WordPress. Not just adds, but offers. I’ve started adding old reviews from Steam that predate my time here at WordPress. Mostly for my own record and I do like how they recommend other things that I’ve written.

So far I’ve been able to give a review for most of the games I’ve been given. The real exception is if a game has so many issues then I feel like a beta tester and I give them my notes rather than a review.  I’d rather write a review on a better game than hate on something.


7 thoughts on “About Me

    • Nope I haven’t. I’ve only been here for 10 or 11 weeks. The extremely old and lazy reviews are from when I was apparently bored one day at college so that’s what I did. I churned out like 20 reviews in a day according to my records. Everything else is from my Steam reviews. Some of those are lazy and predate Steam’s review system back when they allowed 200 words to recommend to a friend.

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  2. That’s an impressive collection of reviews you have here and I can only imagine the amount of work you have put into. I just read the “about me” testimony after spending some time on your blog and just could not stop laughing once I came across this words: I get in about 50 – 60 hours of games in a week. That’s all you need to know.
    If you see my message please send me an e-mail back, as I would be interested to talk to you about these reviews as I run a blog dedicated to retro gaming my self.


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