Batman: Return of the Joker Game Boy Review

Joker is at it again in this is a challenging 2D platformer game and only you playing as Batman can stop him! As the caped crusader, you collect weapons, health and beat up bad guys. Sounds like Batman right? Oh and as Batman, you also contend with the difficult controls that have a steep learning curve. One of the things that you’ll have to get used to is Batman’s ability to swing to swing. Wall jumps aren’t as easy as they should be. There is only one type of jump and its pretty clunky.


The real challenge in the game comes from mastering the controls. You will need to use all of these mechanics to even survive. The game is really a pattern game of knowing when to jump, wait, swing, fight and avoid enemies.

Return of the Joker has great graphics, great music (that sounds stolen from a Megaman game), great water effects (for the Gameboy), batarangs fluidly swirl and follow you like windmill stars from the Ninja Gaiden NES games. Speaking of which, people that enjoyed Ninja Gaiden on the NES will enjoy this for the challenge.

Batman will have to fight his way through five levels of ninjas, samurai, thugs, tanks, men with bazookas, boxes, gameplay mechanics, and everything completely un-clown related until the Joker.

If you aren’t up for a learning curve or challenge, then you might want to pass this game, but if you like a very different gameplay mechanic, give this game a try.

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