Bully Game Blog (Total Carnage “I love it!”)

I continue to plow through the game, although I spent a good hour and several in game days on one needlessly long mission. I’m now in chapter 5 and this is the point like in all Mafia sequels where it falls apart. I owned the school at the start of the chapter. now everyone has turned against me. Its cool though, because like all video games, you only need to jump through hoops to get it all back.

Just when it seemed like the game had run out of factions to throw at me, it revealed a new faction…. the dropouts known as the townies. Dudes tried burning down the school, burning trophies, releasing rats in the library when the irony is they tried burning down the gym and burning trophies when they should have burnt books. Oh well. Its a game for the laughs.

These missions keep getting longer and longer. Not because the missions themselves are longer, but the travel times to and from places are longer. I started unlocking safe houses by beating up the inhabitants in them just to have a place to save without returning to the school. Not just that, but the new industrial part of town that was unlocked at the start of the chapter is just extremely inconvenient to get to. I need to head far north of the school, then east, then south to get into that town. Or I can take the secret tunnel at the south east side of school on foot then head far north all on foot. Its not fun. At least on the way back I can find a bus station.

After I completed one mission that took a dozen tries across 5 different locations across the entire map, the game congratulated me with a crash. The game has never actually crashed before, but it came after some error that sounded like an awful filter over the voice acting. There have been a few voice acting issues where they sound like they’re talking through a tin can even if they’re right there next to Jimmy.

The arcade games at the safe houses are interesting. The nerd safe house had a sumo wrestler eating and dodging arcade game. The greasers have a monkey throwing stuff to kill enemies and make bananas fall for points arcade game. The most fun of all is a top down racer in the townie safe house. Its fun, but really, I don’t want to spend more time in Bully. I want to get it over with. The first two arcade games felt slow and long enough where after one play I don’t want to go back to them.

Its also not fun having every faction hate you. Earlier in the game only one faction at a time hated you. But now I need to run everywhere with a long conga line of people following me throwing eggs and bricks.

Amongst saving faction leaders and ruining staff lives, the game has thrown yet another chapter love interest at me. Hey its cool. I figure one new girl per chapter. The nerd with the mouth sore, the preppy, the cheating greaser, the head cheerleader and now the vandal? On the date we wrecked some warehouse. Fun times. Not really. It was just break more stuff than her.

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