Super Mario 64 N64 Review

So what is Mario’s quest this time? Save the Princess “Peach” by defeating the evil Bowser, while collecting 70 stars in only 15 levels (all 15 levels are contained in 1 huge castle). It might not be the best Mario game, but it offers a new 3D world and a whole new realism. It also has new features such as an energy feature, where rather than collecting power-ups like the fire flower, you now collect a gold coin and you get a block of energy back! Now Mario has far more of an offense rather than just stomping enemies, he … Continue reading Super Mario 64 N64 Review

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 Nintendo 64 Review

The sequel finally makes it to the N64, and Pro Skater is a skateboarding game like no other, first, chose from 13 pro skaters each with their own tricks, stats and special moves. Then have them skate in eight detailed skate parks, where you earn points for tricks, earn cash for stunts, collecting the letters SKATE and various other things to buy new boards, tricks and stats. The graphics are better than the first game, with more detailed animations, but not nearly as good as Playstation’s graphics. There are more modes in Pro Skater 2, such as creating your own … Continue reading Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 Nintendo 64 Review

DOOM 64 Nintendo 64 Review

Doom has returned with an all-new game for the Nintendo 64. As always you are the lone soldier in space sent to annihilate goat headed monsters, imps, zombie soldiers, arch viles and spider masterminds. But new to the Doom saga are very intelligent enemies and upgraded graphics, which look smooth and not pixilated like the PC and other versions. Also new are three new weapons, to help you tear through dark creatures on your way through 30 levels. The good part is that they are action packed and challenging, the bad part is that some of the levels take you … Continue reading DOOM 64 Nintendo 64 Review

WCW Mayhem Nintendo 64 Review

Take control of dozens of WCW wrestlers, from Hulk Hogan to Rey Mysterio Jr. Each with different moves, grapples and finishers. The graphics are good, except for their mannerisms, because their normal stance looks like a T-Rex. Then there are the controls, which the buttons are oddly placed and from how slow and laggy the controls are it can be sometimes difficult to perform. There are a kick, punch, dropkick, grapple, run and taunt buttons. The selling point to this game were the arenas and the backstage areas, the arenas look nice, however the space is very limited and with … Continue reading WCW Mayhem Nintendo 64 Review

F-Zero X Nintendo 64 Review

Nintendo has taken one of the greatest racing games for SNES and revamped it into a whole different futuristic racing game. For starters, there are 30 racers rather than 4, and this game is very fast! But to be so fast and have 30 racers, the game is very cheaply detailed. Lets just say the car your driving is very small and looks like a box with rocket boosters. Also with 30 cars 6 cars to start and 24 to earn, it gets a bit confusing as to who you should chose to race as, so there are detailed photos … Continue reading F-Zero X Nintendo 64 Review

Rampage World Tour Nintendo 64 Review

For those of you who don’t know, you play the game as one of three towering monsters, a werewolf, giant lizard or giant ape and the point is to destroy cities across the world. Sure the original arcade game is a classic, with lots of punching and smashing to offer, however this game “world tour” does not have much to offer in terms of fun. Its fun for about the first five or ten minutes, beating, smashing, punching and kicking, then the reality sets in that this is a tedious game. There are over 100 cities and each city is … Continue reading Rampage World Tour Nintendo 64 Review

Star Wars – Episode 1 – Racer Nintendo 64 Review

I am no fan of star wars, however, this is a really great game that has gotten a bad rap, because it came with N64 systems. First off the graphics cannot be beaten, everything is extremely detailed from the textures to the fact that every part of the pod racers moves and shutters. This game offers more than one dozen pod racers and drivers, each is unique with unique speeds, skills, traction breaks and so on, each pod racer must be earned though by coming in first for the race where the pod racer is featured. Along the way you … Continue reading Star Wars – Episode 1 – Racer Nintendo 64 Review

WCW vs NWO: World Tour Nintendo 64 Review

This game was the foundation of No Mercy, Wrestlemania 2000 and Revenge. It was the reason why most people bought the N64 because the game was so good and so detailed. Simple controls, easy to use, everyone has two finishing maneuvers. Wrestlers from WCW, NwO, FMW, AJPW and all over the world! There are championships for different belts where you compete in several matches to win the belt. Four way matches / battle royals, tournament brackets and round robin tournaments. It is also the first game in the US for blood. However, this is the first in a series of … Continue reading WCW vs NWO: World Tour Nintendo 64 Review

LEGO Racers Nintendo 64 Review

Here is what you do with this game, when it first starts you can either select a pre-made Lego car or build one of your own to race. Lots of parts, lots of body frames for speed, traction and so on. It is a good game to teach kids about dynamics because they build their own cars. Then you go and race a circuit of four races. Each circuit has a specific Lego theme, like space, explorer and pirates. If you come in anything over 3rd place in the circuit you can advance to the next circuit. If you come … Continue reading LEGO Racers Nintendo 64 Review