LEGO Racers Nintendo 64 Review

Here is what you do with this game, when it first starts you can either select a pre-made Lego car or build one of your own to race. Lots of parts, lots of body frames for speed, traction and so on. It is a good game to teach kids about dynamics because they build their own cars. Then you go and race a circuit of four races. Each circuit has a specific Lego theme, like space, explorer and pirates. If you come in anything over 3rd place in the circuit you can advance to the next circuit. If you come in first place you get a new selection of pieces from that theme to build with. As for the races themselves, it is like Mario Kart where you pick up different weapons to injure other drivers! Exploding barrels, harpoons, even three missiles! There are speed-ups, force fields and more things to protect your car from the other drivers. The challenge is pretty decent, from the first circuit being super easy to the final circuit being a huge challenge.

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