DOOM 64 Nintendo 64 Review

Doom has returned with an all-new game for the Nintendo 64. As always you are the lone soldier in space sent to annihilate goat headed monsters, imps, zombie soldiers, arch viles and spider masterminds. But new to the Doom saga are very intelligent enemies and upgraded graphics, which look smooth and not pixilated like the PC and other versions. Also new are three new weapons, to help you tear through dark creatures on your way through 30 levels. The good part is that they are action packed and challenging, the bad part is that some of the levels take you an hour to get through them. Which sets Doom 64 apart from the Quake games for N64, because in Quake it is obvious what to do… go straight and kill whatever gets in your way. With Doom you use your mind to uncover things. However, this is a stereotypical shooting game where you can only point your gun forward and you cannot jump. Fortunately in this game you will not find yourself fighting monsters on staircases, ramps or shooting at them from miles away like in the other versions of Doom. All of that being said, it is a good game, but it will not keep your interest, because of all of the extras that the PC versions had, such as making your own levels, this game does not have.

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