Super Mario 64 N64 Review

So what is Mario’s quest this time? Save the Princess “Peach” by defeating the evil Bowser, while collecting 70 stars in only 15 levels (all 15 levels are contained in 1 huge castle). It might not be the best Mario game, but it offers a new 3D world and a whole new realism. It also has new features such as an energy feature, where rather than collecting power-ups like the fire flower, you now collect a gold coin and you get a block of energy back! Now Mario has far more of an offense rather than just stomping enemies, he can now throw punches, kicks and slide into enemies, making full use of the 3D plane. The enemies come to life in 3D, such as huge chain chomps, menacing goombas and annoying koopas The graphics could have been better, because they make enemies out of simple colors rather than textures like more recent games have. The music and sound effects are nice, because Mario now has a voice to be heard. There are however only minimal power-ups, such as Mario’s Winged hat, which allows him to fly, and Mario’s steel cap, making him invincible.

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