Star Wars – Episode 1 – Racer Nintendo 64 Review

I am no fan of star wars, however, this is a really great game that has gotten a bad rap, because it came with N64 systems. First off the graphics cannot be beaten, everything is extremely detailed from the textures to the fact that every part of the pod racers moves and shutters. This game offers more than one dozen pod racers and drivers, each is unique with unique speeds, skills, traction breaks and so on, each pod racer must be earned though by coming in first for the race where the pod racer is featured. Along the way you pick up “cash” from bets that you come in first, second or third, then you use this cash to buy better parts to your pod racer and pit droids to quickly repair your racer. This is a highly imaginative game complete with three major circuits and a special circuit, in terms of the courses themselves I am a fan of racing games and nothing has ever gotten this amazing, jumps that will take your breath away, ice caverns that try to trick you, anti gravity tubes that will let you fly, swamps that will boggle your mind and speeds to boggle your mind too. The difficulty in the races range from circular to near impossible, with eruptions of fire and snipers shooting at you from high above. For Amazon’s price, you need to get this game!

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