WCW Mayhem Nintendo 64 Review

Take control of dozens of WCW wrestlers, from Hulk Hogan to Rey Mysterio Jr. Each with different moves, grapples and finishers. The graphics are good, except for their mannerisms, because their normal stance looks like a T-Rex. Then there are the controls, which the buttons are oddly placed and from how slow and laggy the controls are it can be sometimes difficult to perform. There are a kick, punch, dropkick, grapple, run and taunt buttons. The selling point to this game were the arenas and the backstage areas, the arenas look nice, however the space is very limited and with a rotating camera angle its difficult to see where you are going. Another downfall to this game is that it is quite difficult to win a match because of the energy structure. You can beat down a person for fifteen minutes and then they still manage to kick out of a pin. This game is graphically better and muscly better than THQ games, but its no WWF game.

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