Rampage World Tour Nintendo 64 Review

For those of you who don’t know, you play the game as one of three towering monsters, a werewolf, giant lizard or giant ape and the point is to destroy cities across the world. Sure the original arcade game is a classic, with lots of punching and smashing to offer, however this game “world tour” does not have much to offer in terms of fun. Its fun for about the first five or ten minutes, beating, smashing, punching and kicking, then the reality sets in that this is a tedious game. There are over 100 cities and each city is not just a screen, it’s a side scrolling level! It wouldn’t be so bad if the enemies were not horrendous! Its not just ten enemies on a screen at once, its about thirty to fifty at some points, shooting, bombing, flame throwing, flying and stomping you. The entire game despite being 100 cities can be defeated in a single day but does have a save feature with the memory packs. There is a nice plus though, lots of moves to learn and master, lots of detail, each city looks unique and features landmarks of that city and it is very educational for children to learn geographical locations. Don’t pay more than ten bucks for this game though.

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