F-Zero X Nintendo 64 Review

Nintendo has taken one of the greatest racing games for SNES and revamped it into a whole different futuristic racing game. For starters, there are 30 racers rather than 4, and this game is very fast! But to be so fast and have 30 racers, the game is very cheaply detailed. Lets just say the car your driving is very small and looks like a box with rocket boosters. Also with 30 cars 6 cars to start and 24 to earn, it gets a bit confusing as to who you should chose to race as, so there are detailed photos of each driver so that people can pick their favorite to drive as. The originality of the game is the fact that the track forms itself into any sort of shape. It goes into huge anti-gravity loops, half pipes where you can drive on the ceiling, and pipes where you can race on the outside of it… all around it… without falling off! There are three levels of difficulty, customizable colors, cars, speeds, acceleration and three circuits with seven or so unique tracks. Finally there is an original battle mode, where you must destroy other racers by knocking them off the track. This is a game you should rent before you buy.

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