Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 Nintendo 64 Review

The sequel finally makes it to the N64, and Pro Skater is a skateboarding game like no other, first, chose from 13 pro skaters each with their own tricks, stats and special moves. Then have them skate in eight detailed skate parks, where you earn points for tricks, earn cash for stunts, collecting the letters SKATE and various other things to buy new boards, tricks and stats. The graphics are better than the first game, with more detailed animations, but not nearly as good as Playstation’s graphics. There are more modes in Pro Skater 2, such as creating your own skater and even your own skate park, however because of N64’s memory limitation one skate park pretty much takes up a half a controller pack! There are even full songs, rather than just looped sound clips like the first game. However, the music might get annoying.

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