Aliens: Colonial Marines: Stasis Interrupted DLC Steam Review

Stasis Interrupted is a new four chapter prequel to the first person horror action shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines. It follows four stories, four characters and you play as three of them. A survivor, a former marine and a scientist. They all play the same as the marines in Aliens: Colonial Marines. There are no new weapons and you can’t use any of the DLC weapons. In fact the game has an annoying way of resetting your weapons every time you die.

Story wise the game tries to shoe horn in plot holes from the original Aliens: Colonial Marines and even recreates a scene from one of the movies. It feels forced to tie this in as the link between the Aliens and Alien 3 movies. The thing that really angered me was the fact this was a prequel before Aliens: Colonial Marines, because I was soured by the end of the game.

The first chapter has a lot of necessary stealth. Sneaking by sentries, avoiding flame throwing soldiers, hiding from Xenomorphs. That is until eventually you get your guns, motion tracker, headset and flashlight. It felt like a breath of fresh air for a while before it goes back into gunplay. For the most part, you’re on your own instead of being chained to an ally. This makes combating soldiers more challenging especially the final battle of the chapter that has you sneaking and gunning down a dozen soldiers in a big map.

The second chapter has you rescuing the real star of the show that you never play as. Then the third and fourth have you playing as a scientist. All three of these chapters have the star right next to you. Helping you gun down Xenomorphs and soldiers like.

As for locales, you find yourself on the pristine white Weyland Yutani space ship for the first chapter. Then the second is back aboard the marines ship. The third chapter lands you back on LV-486 to walk the surface once again. The fourth takes you deep into the Queen’s hive.

Most of the Xenomorphs are back. We have the typical ceiling climbing, wall hopping, run straight at you and lunge soldiers. The more intelligent, tougher to kill lurker that will crawl through vents and try to flank you. The acid spitter that stays far away. There are returning bosses too. What I the giant bull alien, the queen and of course everyone’s favorite APC.

The real star of the show are ‘the Company’ soldiers. They’re tougher than ever. Either because you often don’t have a partner to distract them so you can flank or because there are more at once. To top that off, armored soldiers now have rocket launchers and smart guns to ensure an uphill battle trying to take them out with weak SMGs, plasma rifles and a variety of shotguns.

It felt a lot more difficult on soldier (medium) difficulty than the base game. There were new glitches such as Xenomorphs leaping at me only to disappear mid air and go back to where they were. My ally decided to stay as far away from a boss as possible even when he made reference to participating. Even with all the bugs aside, nothing was game breaking, just difficult > fun.

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