Metal Slug 3 XBox Review

Metal Slug 3 blazes its way onto the XBox with run and gun side-scrolling action against soldiers, aliens and zombies. New to the series are multiple paths, new weapons and character transformations. Returning from previous games is about everything. The … Continue reading Metal Slug 3 XBox Review

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4 Bundle Xbox Review

If you don’t know what Dance Dance Revolution is (DDR), its a rhythm game where you stand on a dance pad and stomp or touch the squares to the beat of the music. The game has arrows that flow from the bottom to the top of the screen and you step down when the arrow reaches the top. Its simple on easy for beginners, and insanely difficult for the pros. The real selling point for this type of game is the music and quite honestly the music in Ultramix 4 a big turnoff. Its really unenjoyable. However, for $[…] you … Continue reading Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4 Bundle Xbox Review

Capcom Classics Collection XBox Review

This is a compilation of Capcom arcade games. I was pretty disappointed when I discovered it’s not the home games like I grew up with this. These are just the arcade games and having Nintendo ports of Commando and Bionic Commando would have been great. This compilation might contain $5,000 worth of quarter eating fun (like the box says), but not even the online leader boards will keep you coming back for more than nostalgia. A lot of the games feel very stale and clunky by today’s standards. 1942 – A top down arcade shooter, blow up planes, its a … Continue reading Capcom Classics Collection XBox Review

Tony Hawk’s Underground XBox Review

This is the fifth Tony Hawk game and its like no other game in the franchise. First what makes it different is rather than picking a professional skater, you literally create your own skater or chose from pre made skateboarders and partake in the story mode (in the PS2 version you can get your face in the game, but not in X-Box). The story mode is similar to an RPG game in the fact that you wander / skateboard around an area, and certain people you can speak with. These people will give you objectives / goals to complete. Goals … Continue reading Tony Hawk’s Underground XBox Review

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2X XBox Review

Pro Skater is a skateboarding game like no other, first, chose from 13 pro skaters each with their own tricks, stats and special moves or create your own custom made pro skater. Then have them skate in eight detailed skate parks (several more hidden!). The price of this game is so low (because it is dated), and the graphics are a huge step up from the Playstation and N64 versions, such as very detailed textures and even graffiti looks great. The X-Box version of this game does a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong. This game … Continue reading Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2X XBox Review

Tetris Worlds XBox Review

Tetris Worlds does offer a new spin on the original game of Tetris, such as a story mode. The story is strange if not cheesy, a world made of block like creatures is being threatened, and they must escape their world by opening portals called Tetrions, which of course is why you play Tetris. Tetris has been out since 1989, it’s a wholesome puzzle game for everyone, where blocks fall and you must position the blocks into rows. When you make a row of blocks, the blocks fade away if the blocks stack to the top, then you lose. The … Continue reading Tetris Worlds XBox Review

XBox Christmas 2003 Bundle Review

First and foremost, the price of this X-Box Bundle is the same price as an X-Box itself, so if you are going to purchase an X-Box this 2003 Christmas, you may as well purchase this one. This bundle comes with the X-Box system, which not only play X-Box games, but it can also record about 10 hours of music from your CD collection and it can play DVDs (unfortunately you need to purchase an additional DVD remote specifically made for the X-Box). One plus about the X-Box system is that you do not need to purchase any memory cards. The … Continue reading XBox Christmas 2003 Bundle Review

WWE Raw 2 XBox Review

This is not a step forward from the last Raw game, instead it’s a big step sideways. Raw 2 is like the game makers perfected the original Raw game (it only took them 2 years). First off this is a wrestling game, the player may select from one of over sixty WWE “superstars” to compete in a match. During this match the player may use different strikes by pressing the directional pad and the X button and may grapple his opponent by pressing the A button. When performing a grapple, the player can do a weak maneuver by pressing X … Continue reading WWE Raw 2 XBox Review