Final Fantasy Legend Game Boy Review

The very first RPG for Game Boy is one of great depth! It completely adds new depth to the Final Fantasy games, with new features to quicken the pace of the games, such as now rather than spending hours earning experience points and going up levels, you can now purchase levels, spells, weapons and stuff like that. To quicken the game, it now has it where when you buy a weapon, you can only use that weapon so many times before you lose it, so the game makes you drive forward to new goals, places and even worlds. Speaking of worlds, the real depth of the game is that there are dozens of worlds, to which you and your party of four travel to one world after another before facing an evil Goddess herself. Another depth of the game is that you can now control monsters as a part of your band of warriors, and you can change the monster into different things by eating meat left behind from dead monsters. With all of this being said, the graphics are very simplistic, and reused over and over again.


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