Saints Row: The Third Blog (DLC and the fungineer)

I really thought that I was done with this game. I really did. I sank 17 hours into the Steam version, completed it for a second time and I should be well on my way to the next game, which I am, but I came back to Saints Row: The Third for the major DLC. There’s enough DLC with this game to choke a dragon with, but most of it is merely cosmetic stuff. There are only three DLC packs that add anything that involves the story. So I spent a day playing through the Trouble with Clones and Gangstas in Space.

After both DLC packs had been completed, I started my quest to conquer the entire city of Steelport by buying up businesses and participating in quirky side quest. When I was buying up businesses, I realized, I’ve never been inside a retailer to see what cosmetic changes there were from all of the frivolous DLC. Horror masks, adult outfits and everything was here, but then I noticed…. there are Team Fortress 2 masks, but not masks, instead they were giant heads! I suddenly fell in love and needed to play 2 hours more just for the laughs. I don’t think that I’ve ever been so entertained from just cosmetic items. As you may know from my other blogs, I play a lot of TF2 where I usually get stuck as engineer. Not because I’m good, but because I trust myself to not be as awful as other players.

The giant heads were just so entertaining, even though I never appreciated the giant heads at the beginning of the game. Its something interesting that all games need. Other games have made good use of big head modes, I just never found them as entertaining as these giant craniums. Once I left the store, I received a call that the red Morning Star gang was set to attack and I was suckered into a horde mode. Four waves of Morning Star groups came. Lucky for me, my crew showed up at the second wave and then more arrived for the final showdown.

I am a fan of waves with limits. Usually games that have horde modes get boring pretty darn quick. Knowing that if I’m good enough, I’ll have to invest X amount of time where then the biggest challenge is the boredom. These small wave attacks were perfect, complete with my gang, civilians and police to fuel some real chaos outside the store.

With one challenge complete, I wondered if it was like this with all of my businesses. So one by one, I went to various establishments. The next one was a plastic surgeons office. Once it was under my control, I went back in to start the process by asking for services. After backing out of the services, I went outside and sure enough, I received a phone call warning me that the Morning Star gang was on its way. They may have had the same amount of people in each wave, but they brought heavier weapons this time around.

It was just a lot of fun seeing the chaos, blowing up cars, reviving my teammates and even calling in a squad of zombies for the laughs.  These sort of crazy activities not only keep me interested in a game as a player, but they stick to the game’s core third person shooting. I wasn’t just an engineer, but I became a fungineer.

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