My Top 5 Best PC Games Not on Steam in March 2015

Indie games so indie they’re not even on Steam. After digging through Desura for maybe 6 or so weeks now I felt like they needed their own top 5. That and there is a gun to my head. There are some hidden gems there, but well Desura isn’t Steam. I guess in the interest of fairness I should include GameJolt and wherever else I play crazy games.In this month, I played around two dozen PC games not on Steam.

I’m also disqualifying Papilio and Abobo’s Big Adventure because they made the real Top 5 Games of March 2015. They would have scored #2 and #1 respectively, but I feel like I have written about them enough.


I never thought that a simple pinball table could be fun. Its just an easy fun game with good pinball physics. There’s nothing fancy, it doesn’t look like a real pinball table, its not flashy, its just a well done pinball game. It is fun while it lasts, but its still one pinball table with no high scores or anything.



When I first jumped into Yet, I Despise Him, I hated it, strictly for the keyboard controls, but once I used third party software to bind keys to a 360 controller, the 2D platformer was infinitely better. The game was suddenly enjoyable, even if it was challenging as time went on. Its a fun little game from start to finish, probably better than a lot of other Game Maker platformers out there. Read the full review


After sneering at the presentation, I found myself really enjoying this puzzle game. Its more complex than games like Tetris or even matching puzzle games. With Color Bubble Pop+ you need to change the bubbles to the color of the background. Every level you get up to will change the background faster and faster. Each of my tries didn’t last that long, but as time went on its more addictive than it is at the start. Its that time that grows shorter that made it so addictive. Read the full review



I wasn’t expecting a lot from this. The art style looks cheap, but well done a sort of beautiful clean artwork for this overhead puzzle game. The only problem is that the graphics aren’t overhead! Its fun to just breeze through the levels playing as an ice cube sliding along collecting hearts before melting yourself in the exit fire. Having the end level of each chapter as a platformer was a good way to break up the monotony of puzzle solving, but I found myself enjoying the platforming more than the core game, even if the plat forming was bare bones and generic. Read the full review

#1 NOT WITHOUT MY DONUTSIts a toss up whether or not to include this, because it is on Steam Greenlight. Not Without My Donuts was the most playable, enjoyable and additively fun game. Its very similar to a different game that I love, so that probably helps. Not Without My Donuts is a great arcade platforming shooter, whose only downfall is how difficult it gets. It ends up at a point where you can hardly move or gain any ground there are so many enemies on screen at once. Even despite that, I still loved my time with it. Read the full review

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