My Week in Games [4/2/2015 – 4/8/2015] Finding Teddy 2, Out There, A Pixel Story, Fitz the Fox, Curse of the Immortals and more

I managed to fit in a fourteen games, with most of them being a lot of fun! Reviewing games that I’ve gotten review copies for has turned into a slow process. Not because the games are getting long, but because I have so many notes and bug reports that I don’t want to review the games until they’ve been fixed. It would be so much easier to just post “news” articles from Twitter and game sites more popular than my own.

My little site also managed to hit 5,000 views / hits. I only mention it because someone else had an article on hitting 5,000. So rather than making an article about it, I’m mentioning it here. Keeping Twitter followers is an uphill battle. In other site news, my Top 5 Best Games of March had a lot of views while my Top 5 Best PC Games Not on Steam in March had no viewers at all. Looks like I won’t be doing that again. Maybe its because they were so close together. To my surprise, Project Smallbot’s review continues to dominate my stats almost two weeks after the review. Easter had laughably low stats, just like Valentines Day.


Well I feel bad about this one. I asked for a review copy, got it and after three hours, it just wasn’t fun at all. I couldn’t find anything redeemable. So I was left wondering do I just write a stone cold bad review? Turns out the answer is yes. The thing that made it awful and difficult to play was the game itself. You play as a tumbling box with no jump. Its a borderline puzzle platformer. After doing the review on Steam, I checked the other reviews and found a video showing how easy the game is to play and others brainwashed into thinking it was too. I guess that’s why people review games to say its tough to play. Volt is still worse to play. I still feel bad for giving it such a negative review, but integrity just makes the good reviews look that much better. Read the full review


There’s supposed to be a review on this point, I just want to review it when the controls aren’t touch based. It looks awesome, sounds amazing, its just not fun having to rapidly mouse click. Maybe that just means I’m playing on the wrong platform, but I guarantee more people have mice than touch screens. In another week I should just cut my losses and make a review. I still need to do that for some awful game on Steam that keeps getting worse with every update.


While I can appreciate a game with no graphics that uses words as objects, Shoot-a-Story is just dull. Its like Space Invaders, but it doesn’t move back to the right. The words leave out the left side and enter again from the right, so its easy to read. I’d put this in as an educational game for kids, because as an adult its just dull. There needs to be a way to read more passages without losing, because it was near impossible to lose because of how easy it is. Again, another reason why this game should be for children. I even found an exploit where the enemy ships couldn’t shoot me and I could put a brick on the spacebar and walk away.


Here’s another game that I’m supposed to review, but I just don’t like the controls or the voice acting. There is 360 controller support, but its hilariously awful. The right thumbstick is supposed to move you forward, but ends up zooming in and out. The developer has been active in helping me and there have been some odd errors such as having Raptr open makes the game not work. I also had to register the game, but I guess that’s because its also online. I just won’t be using it online. I’ll need to keep playing this one.


Wow Kelp is tough due to controlling two things on screen at once. I think its made more difficult for me, because I’m lefty with a mouse and I’m just not used to the whole WSAD and keys can’t be rebound. After playing for an hour or so, I didn’t get that far, so I cut my losses and churned out a review. The sad part is that I couldn’t think of that much to say other than wow a simple game has difficult controls. There’s great music and if it wasn’t for the music coupled with the art style, I would have abandon the game before it started. Read the full review


Speaking of difficult games named for things underwater, Underwater Battle is tough in a different way. Its a sliding puzzle game turned into a complex defense game. The tough part here is having to shuffle jellyfish tiles to the center in order to charge them, then shuffling them to the edges to zap enemies. There are just too many enemies to keep up! Oh but that’s because you’re supposed to play again and again to earn coins that you use to buy upgrades to last longer. Wow that’s crazy. You’re playing to upgrade. Why bother playing when you can just get coins to upgrade and in a few hours just buy full upgrades then play the game?


I found this one here on WordPress. That’s why people should visit the reader and sift through all of the Mortal Kombat X trailers to find games! Its a unique game that will soon have a kickstarter. Its also one of the only games that the developer hasn’t noticed or acknowledged my review. That’s okay though, because they noticed my flood of notes here on WordPress where I discovered the game. Its a puzzle platformer that relies on dying to become translucent in order to make it through walls and platforms. Read the full review


After reviewing Double Dragon Advance, I started digging through 14 year old reviews and looked through the Game Boy reviews for Double Dragon. Well it turns out, I had added them to the wrong system. My Game Boy reviews were really for the original NES. With no reviews for the Game Boy versions of Double Dragon, I had to give this a play. I remember Youtube explaining how easy this game was and how it can be completed in 30 or so minutes. No it can’t this is one difficult game due to your limited amount of lives and Abobo. Nothing murders me like Abobo and every death sends you back to where you entered an area. Longevity through difficulty. Expect that review sometime in the future.


I spent so much time reviewing other games that I had to find a quick review for my retro Monday, because that’s a thing now. Since I had done recent reviews of Abobo’s Big Adventure and Double Dragon on the NES, I decided to do a review ont he GBA version. I’ve owned this game maybe 15 years and never played it. So I played it and its awesome, but flawed. Well the music is anyway and it messes with my head. I also felt like I’d rather be playing Super Double Dragon IV. Read the full review


One thing I’ve gotten tired of over the past 15 years are games made with RPG Maker, but this one is great. I went into this game blind and just asked for a review copy and got it. Its a lot of fun to play. Not too complex, it has humor and is a bit dialog heavy, but I don’t play a game for its dialog. There are plenty of puzzles that kept me intrigued and the combat is fun too. My progress was halted with what feels like a bug. I’ve found a key, but it doesn’t unlock the locked door. So I’m waiting on a reply from the developer.


I found this game digging around Desura in a bundle. Sure I could have just bought the bundle, but that would involve spending money on video games, but I’m done with spending money on games for this entire year. Lucky for me Fitz the Fox is a fun if not generic game that looks straight out of the Game Boy era. I was even happier that this is a short game. I think it needs a lot more to truly be a hit, but its so basic that it might not be interesting if it was any longer. Read the full review


I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of this game and while it does seem generic, its got a lot of parody here to keep it interesting. It moves a bit slow, but I guess when you’ve got a magical hat to teleport you around it has to be or else it becomes too difficult. The game ratchets up the difficulty nicely and its starting to reach a tipping point where its not fun anymore. Also the game is full of challenge rooms that you spend your coins to get into. These rooms are just way too hard for me. The real downside of this game is playing it both before and after Finding Teddy 2. Playing it before this game was a lot of fun, playing it after, this game just felt generic. Its just a lesser game. That doesn’t make it a bad thing, that’s why reviews shouldn’t be comparative or else they’d all suck compared to others. Read the full review


While it might feel like a single player space board game, this was pretty fun and relaxing. Its like FTL without the combat. Its an easy game to play, almost stress free. It falls into a rhythm of collecting fuel in order to survive. Then it reaches a tipping point where its almost as if there’s a design flaw that just doesn’t let me advance any further on the map. Its the same map over and over again with random solar systems, even if their stars are all the same. Its a true time sink that I found quite engaging. Read the full review



Finding Teddy 2 was my game of the week in a week full of great games. This is a fantastic game, its just very vague and cryptic. However, for anyone with a memory, you’ll be able to remember where to go next. Apparently Steam reviewers just can’t get past that fact. After playing 20 hours of the game, I have almost nothing to say about it other than it was a fun experience with great level design, big fun bosses, music that sticks in my head and well how I’d have to scour back and forth for every new item or ability that I found. Reading the reviews it also seemed like everyone shat out a video after 2 or so hours, because videos are a race. Who can be the first to get those views. It feels good giving the first real full review of a game instead of being years behind a game. Read the full review

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