My Top 5 Best Games of March 2015

As always, I don’t play current games, so here’s my completely unique top 5 games of March 2015. You won’t find Bloodbourne anywhere in here. From the look of it, this list has comedy, shoot’em ups and stories. I bumped FTL: Faster than Light, because it would be in this list every time I play it.


In a way this replaced my Dead Space fix at night. I’d play it late, it wouldn’t be scary, but it was still enjoyable. A world full of zombies and the elements of a solid traversal platformer if not survival horror all wrapped up in a game with beautiful vistas. Its just a good experience. It gets your mind thinking about puzzles and your eyes popping at the beauty. Its engaging and interesting having to traverse the terrain, but its never stressful. Read the full review


I just want to point out I played this before April Fool’s Day where it made its review debut here on the site. I don’t like comedy games, but I loved this one. The humor and game play are both so good and diverse. You don’t even have to be a fan of the original NES to enjoy it. Plus its free. Someone’s labor of love that really shows how much time and effort he put in it. Some might not like it for its difficulty, but its well worth going through just for its ending. In fact that’s what more difficult games need, a good payoff that’s worth your time. Read the full review


This was a joy to play for the 2 hours it lasted. Really fun, great to listen to and just enjoyable without being overly difficult like other bullet hail shooters. After spending 8 hours on Gradius, I’m so happy accessible games like Jamestown exist. Even if the game is 5 levels I can tell the amount of work and effort that went into polishing and refining those levels to make them as perfect and as beautiful that they are.  Read the full review #2 PAPILIO

I went into this game blind like a lot of games I play. I never thought I’d enjoy some random game this much. Papilio is just so much fun to play, even in crazy moments full of enemies and bullets, Papilio is just such a joy. Its gorgeous to look at in an old school SNES way, without being Jamestown’s perfect beauty. The music isn’t nearly on the level of Jamestown either, but why do I like it more? The shoot’em up combat doesn’t even feel as deep as Jamestown, but the special weapons are so beautiful to see. The bosses are big and less polished than Jamestown, but each stage has branches. Each branch has a different boss and it keeps the game interesting even so many hours into what amounts now to 4 levels. I think the real tipping point for me is how long this game stayed fun hours after I had explored everything. Read the full review


Well it could have been Papilio, but I went with Brutal Legend, sure its old and stars Jack Black, but its a role so good that I forget he was the voice. Its not even a love of heavy hair metal from the 80s, its all about style over game play. I was captured by the story and I never say that about a game. I wanted more of the story and less of the game. The game really isn’t even that good. The MOBA section and some of the driving sections are downright awful, but its the amazing look and unique landscapes that make this game so awesome. It stands out from every other medieval fantasy world with its heavy metal edge. While some of the sections aren’t fun, the combat isn’t bad and that’s most of the game play right there.  Read the full review


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