Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake PS3 Review

This game is delightfully awesome, charming, easy to play and a joy to play. Its an adorable class based tower defense game? You have your castle and your enemy has theirs. Inside of your castle is your enemy’s princess and in your enemy’s castle is your princess. The object is to keep your enemy’s princess and return your princess to your castle’s throne.

You have 6 classes (well 5 classes and 1 lack of class). You start off with no class, and you can change classes to Warrior, Archer, Worker, Mage and Healer just by wearing hats. Warriors take out doors and kill pretty easy at close range. Archers tend to take out anything living from a distance, workers can bomb buildings and fortify things, healers heal players and mages…. they mage? The teams are pretty big and if not populated by players, they’re populated with bots. The bots seem pretty dumb and straight forward, but they’ll adapt. If you kill them they’ll come back and hunt you down. So if you’re an archer that keeps sniping people the bots will come back for your head.

Gameplay couldn’t be simpler. Pick up stuff (like hats and princess’s) with the O button, attack with the square button, hold the attack to charge it, auto target with the L1, change weapons with the triangle, jump with the X button and its really just that simple.

Why is this ‘fat princess’ you may ask? Your workers can feed the captive princess cake, so she gets fatter and becomes more of a burden to steal and carry away. Over time she will slim down to make her easy to carry. Its all about fortification. Since this is a tower defense game, your workers can efficiently gather lumber to fortify outposts (towers) and build doors to your castle.

There are extra modes for solo play, such as a survival mode called ‘glaciate’ that sends waves of enemies after you. For you single players out there, the game has a story mode that has you playing with bots map after map. Its a very nice practice worth playing again and again. Story mode isn’t any different than a normal match, but its just solo play with bots.

With the almost top down perspective you can see a lot of map around you. This adds to the fun when you’re running with the princess. You can see where you’re going AND you can see the enemies chasing you. This will give you a buzz. A lot of this is quick fun that gives you a buzz. An addictive buzz of getting the princess, killing people, taking back a captive princess. Its just a great time that lets you do what you want to. Even customize your character.

Please buy this cheap game. Its worth it. Buy it for PS3 or especially PSP which lacks the games that PS3 does.

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