Aliens: Colonial Marines – Bug Hunt DLC Steam Review

Four players team up to play as space marines and fight waves of Xenomorphs. Each of the three maps has plenty of hiding spaces, but unlike the campaign, these Xenomorphs will crawl through vents to find you. When you get deeper into the waves, they assemble armies behind crates. You can see half a dozen crawling on the ceiling high above you. No place is safe. There’s always a way behind you where you’re not looking. Each wave raises the threat level as more and tougher Xenomorphs come at your group. The tougher a Xeno is, the different color its skin will be. The enemies go from being simple Xenos to spitters, lurkers and company soldiers.

Before starting, select one of four difficulties and wait to be dumped into a match. When in you select your loadout and you’re forced to keep the same loadout. You can buy additional weapons like the flamethrower and smart gun. You can also play offline, but its just you against the waves. Its not the most thrilling on your own, but eventually the game ratchets up the numbers to make it interesting. If you pick up a sentry during the wave, the aliens might claw you to death, because you can’t attack until you take the time to put it back down.

To make things interesting, every Xenomorph that you kill gives you cash. With the cash you can hack doors to open them, buy ammo, health, armor and sentries. Unless you buy ammo, there is no ammo. Sentries will run out of bullets or break, requiring cash to fix them. Its all a very nice system once you get far enough into it. If you buy something enough times you won’t be able to buy it anymore. This prevents camping in one spot for too long.

So what’s the point? Just survive waves? No. You need to setup five of the threat reducers. You can’t just go to them to set them up. You need to first buy them, then stand near them for X amount of seconds to arm them. After each wave you get a breather to do whatever, such as pay hack doors and explore. You’re also shown a leader board of earnings and kills.

When someone dies, they can buy back in. If no one can buy back in, “Game over Man!” When you buy back in you have full health, armor and ammo. In later waves it becomes handy to always keep the cash on hand. Bug Hunt becomes a dynamic between saving and spending.

Each map is a healthy length and a lot more fun than the campaign. Yet it is so simple that it uses maps from the campaign and adds so much to them by having never ending waves of Xenos that get more difficult. Suddenly the game is more engaging even if the first few waves are dull.

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