Saints Row: The Third : Gangstas in Space DLC Steam Review

Gangstas in Space DLC for Saints Row: The Third won’t have you going into space, but it will let you go into new environments and take control of a space ship to fly through the city. The game play is unchanged. Its still the over the shoulder, third person open world action game that you know and love, but now there are two extra characters in this 90 minute story. A director Andy Zehn that has cast your custom character in a movie and your co-star Jenny Jaros who plays Kwilana, an alien princess. As always, this is over the top, funny and action packed with great dialog and voice acting.

The DLC spans three missions and Jenny accompanies you on all three. They’re all designed to be for an action movie, but you still have the freedom to do as you please. You’re only restricted when it comes to using weapons. The first being combat in the outside world, hunted by the army. The second is more interesting, because it offers new assets such as enemies, set pieces and three new laser weapons that work like other laser weapons. The boss here is pretty punishing, I was one hit killed plenty of times before I realized to just shoot. The final mission takes place in the air with you piloting a space ship that has both a flight and a hover mode to take out enemies easier. As you fly there will be other space crafts and hover pods after you. So while these new things are reskins, they’re still fresh.

The new gear, enemies, weapons, objects and vehicles all have a retro 1950s space vibe to them. Glowing rings around metallic objects. Everything glows beautifully and the movie sets in the second mission add a good level of detail that make it fun to walk around in.

Over the three missions, the story really unfolds through the dialog. Jenny starts as a passive young starlet harassed by an evil director, but praises you, despite being far worse of an actor. Things escalate as your character deviates from the script a lot, which causes the director to do the same for the sake of a good film. Its also interesting hearing great voice actors portraying bad actors. There are no lines to remember or anything like that. Instead you’ll find plenty of times where everyone breaks character and goes back to being themselves where Jenny is just Jenny, even in the midst of filming.

Another fun thing is there are now camera men and helicopters filming everything. If you kill them, you get yelled at, but it also builds to an achievement and its not like you lose anything for killing them. Its just another dimension to the humor and action. Are you the type of person to go for innocent camera man or do you see avoiding civilians as an extra challenge?

Along the way, you’ll unlock the space ship, the hover pod and two new homies to call for help. I’ll let you be surprised who they are. You can even deck out your gang in retro space gear! The three missions make it a lot better than just being more stuff for $7.

The action gets accompanied by some nice dramatic music that sounds like a welcome big production. I think it must be new, because after recently playing through 17 hours of the game, I don’t remember it.

I liked this DLC far better than the Trouble with Clones. I’d dare say Gangstas in Space is worth the $7, but since its also included in the season pass, I recommend getting that instead. It was fun playing through these missions and I left wanting more.

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