Gargoyle’s Quest Game Boy Review

Welcome to the ghoul realm, where you are a green gargoyle named Firebrand on a black and white game system. If you recognize this gargoyle, its because he is a gargoyle from Capcom’s Ghosts & Goblins franchise. His world is that world. For the most part, Gargoyle’s Quest is a 2D platforming action game in a horror world of skulls, spikes, ghouls and ghosts.

1Gargoyles Quest feels like an interesting experiment. There are two forms of gameplay in this game, the first is an overhead map, where you walk around and talk with characters. Its like an old school role playing game where you buy things, search and gain information. Then there is the 2D action platformer where the game really shines. Its solid, difficult, challenging and enjoyable. The difficulty is how slow you move and the lack of energy. More than two hits and you’re done. Of course the health can be upgraded later in the game.

The game controls well, if not a little stiff and slow, because its a Game Boy Game. As Firebrand you use an array of interesting tactics. You can shoot fireballs at enemies. You can cling to walls, jump and even hover in mid air for a short period of time. The amount of time gets upgraded later in the game and there are other projectiles to find like blobs that create platforms on spiked walls for you to cling to. Its all very engaging. Later areas become difficult having to dodge invincible enemies, while clinking to spiked walls working your way up higher and higher using the goo to cling to.

Since you will die… over and over again, there are talismans you can buy that act like extra lives. On the overhead map when you’re moving from town to town, you’ll encounter enemy battles. These enemy battles will put you into 2D action sequences against a limited amount of foes on a battle ground. These enemies start out easy enough. Pacing ghosts back and forth, before it goes to more interesting enemies like wheeled monstrosities.

The graphics are great, and the game stood head and shoulders above everything else on the Game Boy when it came out. With that being said, I don’t recommend this game for anyone under a teen, because its too difficult. To anyone else, play this classic, it started a whole new franchise.

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