The Many Video Game Voices of Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy has been in television and film for over 60 years. Long before he was Spock on the original 78 episodes of Star Trek he was in several shows here and there. After Star Trek, he was taken in by the science fiction world and voiced several characters including the original animated Transformers movie. With such a stand out gravel toned voice and dignified tone, it was only a matter of time before the budding video game media wanted him to be a narrator or a character. Here are all of his video game voice overs in chronological order.

It seems only fitting that Mr. Nimoy’s first voice work in video games reprises his most famous role. The CD version of the game included voices from the original cast including William Shatner, DeForest Kelly and others. While the game followed the adventures of the USS Enterprise, it only had the three main characters and a fourth that would always suffer a grim fate.

Two years later, Judgement Rites came out and featured a larger cast of characters from the original television series. Leonard Nimoy once again reprises his role as Commander Spock to complete the fifth and final year of the Enterprise’s mission. Has anyone noticed that Dr. Leonard McCoy sounds a lot like Leonard Nimoy?

SEAMAN (Narrator)
The legendarily awful game Seaman had Leonard as the narrator. This game for the Dreamcast came with a microphone and used barely working voice controls. The object was to grow a sea monkey and evolve it into various forms of life. Leonard’s voice was the only highlight of such a hilariously awful game.

I had completely forgotten this ever existed. It was a Disney animated movie with a few well known stars at the time. Michael J Fox, James Garner, Jim Varney, and John Mahoney from Frasier to name just a few. Guess who was also in it? Yes that’s right Leonard Nimoy portrayed the Atlantean King. When a game adaptation for the PlayStation came out, Leonard was there playing the king.

Once again, Leonard was used as a narrator for Sid Meier’s long running Civilization series. After rigorously playing Civilization 2 and 3, I was burnt out long before Civilization 4, but I finally decided to play it last month. Mr. Nimoy is there to explain most everything. Its a better use for him than one of the game’s many rulers and leaders.

Its good that the unforgettable actor gets to spread his acting talent to more than just Spock and narrators. He had a history with Disney, so why not have him as a character in Disney’s SquareEnix mashup, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep? Master Xehanort is one of the keyblade masters that has a hidden agenda. I wonder how this will affect the new Kingom Hearts game that will inevitably come out.

Spock’s voice is the first thing that you hear when you start a new game. While Leonard is in Star Trek Online playing Spock prime, to me he’s just a narrator that just so happens to be a central character in the Star Trek universe. Its a good way for fans to still keep in touch with him and be a part of the universe.

For a second time, Mr. Nimoy has returned as Master Xehanort. Dream Drop Distance takes place further down the timeline where he has given up being a keyblade master and has become the game’s antagonist. I feel like that’s a better role for the incredible actor. He’s played so many villains and heroes that become villains before, so why not here as well?

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