Yoshi Game Boy Review

Yoshi got a game of his own and it fits into whatever genre Tetris does. Please note this is not Yoshi’s Cookie, that’s a different game entirely. It’s strange that Nintendo decided to have a few similar Yoshi games prior to having Yoshi in its own platforming adventure.

In this game, there are four columns that enemies and half eggs fall from the sky just like Tetris. Here’s the catch, you don’t control the falling objects, you control Mario at the bottom of the screen. You must rotate around the four columns (switch the columns). Most of the objects are enemies like piranha plants, goombas, bloopers and boos. There are also bottom egg shells and top egg shells.

Enemies is more of a catch all term as these are foes from the Super Mario Brothers series of games, but they don’t attack you. Instead you’re fighting to keep the four columns from reaching beyond the top. If one of the columns goes beyond the top, you’ve lost. To prevent the enemies from piling too high, you can match the enemies and make them disappear (blooper with blooper, boo with boo).

Rather than simply matching enemies, the true objective is to make an enemy sandwich between the lower half of an egg and the upper half. The more enemies your egg eats, the more points you’ll get. It’s an engaging experience that’s simple, complex and offers a lot of risk and reward. Piling up foes in eggs for the biggest points possible while risking that you’ll stack things beyond the top.

The game keeps track of how many eggs you’ve completed and completing enough eggs will increase your level. It starts out easy enough of course dropping two objects at a time, but it grows in difficulty. Objects drop faster and in time three objects will be dropped at once. That’s about the time that I lose.

Its a fun G-rated puzzle game for all ages and suits the Game Boy perfectly with its 10 – 20 minute bite size gameplay. You have your choice of two modes, both of which play the same. There is also a choice of three musics, which feels a bit limited considering how long a single game can last.

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