Top 5 Topics in WordPress the Video Games Feed for March 2015

Well here’s something that can completely alienate me from my fellow WordPressers. I look through the Video Games feed once, twice or several times a day. I’ve started to notice trends over the past three months. So here I am talking about these trends.


Let’s start with something everyone loves and that’s Batman. Wow when a new trailer comes out, everyone posts it. Ten people at once, twenty-five at a time. Around fifty a day. I must be exaggerating. Rather than ranting about it, I’d rather say, please give us your thoughts, speculation, hopes, dreams and fears about these trailers. Its WordPress, I hate to encourage reading and writing on a website about blogging, but well some of us would rather read than see the same trailer twenty-five times back to back in the feed.


Somehow Evolve’s DLC is bad, but Mortal Kombat X’s DLC is the best thing there’s ever been. Netherealm Studios really needs to secure a deal to just make “movie monsters: the fighting game” and get it over with. I think that’s what everyone is buzzing about, Predator and Jason Vorheese. What they need is a full game with Ashe from Evil Dead, Westley Snipes as Blade, Freddy Krueger and so on. Netherealm Studios is owned by Warner Brothers, so they’ve got a lot of franchises other than DC. Coincidentally Batman is a DC property.

I do wish Mortal Kombat left something to the imagination. I don’t need to know every detail and character before the game comes out. I’ve been trying to avoid these trailers, but well the news feed is excessive. At least there are new trailers every few days, but the problem is I’m trying to avoid them.



SquareEnix has a game or two coming out, but its more than the two new games, people are discussing the old games. Final Fantasy 1 – 14. There’s always someone discussing them and hey I’m happy about that. Its a comforting thing to see people writing articles on the franchise. I’d prefer if they were writing about Dragon Quest, but well it just doesn’t seem to capture people’s imagination. While I’ve always loved the older Final Fantasy games, it pales in comparison to my sheer blissful enjoyment of Dragon Quest. There are still people talking about it here and there, but not as much as Final Fantasy, which is why its on this list.

Having so many games, this must be a sort of cheat that explains why there are so many people talking about it. Well Mario has a lot of games and Final Fantasy still dwarfs Mario game chat on WordPress. This includes Smash Brothers, the old school games and Mario Kart combine.


Why Nintendo and why not Sony or XBox? No one really cares about them. Nintendo makes the news time and time again. People discuss Amiibos, Mario, a new console, the jump to mobile phones, yet no one talks about Sony’s new television, their movies, nor do people talk about how Microsoft has a Surface 3 coming out. There’s a stronger discussion on overall Nintendo games and franchises from Mario to Zelda, no one is talking about Master Chief, Kratos or Nathan Drake even if they all have games coming out. It makes me believe that Nintendo was right to get Youtube income from their games. People just don’t care about the other franchises. Maybe they do when it comes to buying and playing them, but not talking about them. Sure they will when the games actually come out

As a shareholder, I’m still hoping Nintendo will smash hopes by revealing the new Nintendo NX is really their own smartphone and that’s why they’ve partnered with that new developer.


I can’t even say modern game reviews like Dying Light and Evolve are as prevalent as story based game reviews. I would say Telltale game reviews, but with Life is Strange, I’m just lumping them into a “story based game reviews.” I see reviews for Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Life is Strange and Borderlands something; they’re all here frequently. Perhaps the episodic nature of these story based games that makes them reviewed so frequently. Play two hours of a game? Review it versus playing forty hours of a game to review it. Maybe its just that non gamers are playing the story based games to review them. How does one review a story game without spoiling it? Did you know the full name of the Game of Thrones game is “Game of Thrones – A Telltale Game Series?” That’s like saying “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – A Franchise Made by 2K Games”

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Topics in WordPress the Video Games Feed for March 2015

  1. I’ve been perusing the video game sections of a number of large entertainment blogs/magazines lately and they all seem to be more of the same. I think smaller bloggers often try to emulate the larger bloggers, but, oftentimes, the reasons why readers seek new blogs is to find something different.


  2. I’ve been talking about the Final Fantasy III on my blog, but not about really about the new games that have been coming out. I figure, I don’t really get A LOT of views anyway, so I’m still at the point where I’m basically just posting whatever I’m doing in my own little world of video games. Although, that is going to include a couple of the story-driven games soon… Walking Dead and Life is Strange.

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