Alone in the Dark (2008) Steam Review

Alone in the Dark (2008) is a big production survival horror game turned linear adventure with a story that plays out through cut scenes and big car chases. At its core, its still a survival horror game. The controls are … Continue reading Alone in the Dark (2008) Steam Review

Dino Crisis PlayStation Review

Steven Spielberg proved that Dinosaurs could be menacing and terrorizing and this game only adds to it. This game is similar to Resident Evil (also from Capcom), but more dangerous, because the dinosaurs actually run and jump over things to eat you, unlike sluggish zombies. Rather than stalking screen to screen like with Resident Evil, you can now run through a room and the camera will follow you, making for great chases (Dinosaurs chasing you), but unfortunately this leaves the player at a great disadvantage, because the camera is focused on the player, not the room, so Dinosaurs constantly get … Continue reading Dino Crisis PlayStation Review

Resident Evil 3: Nemisis PlayStation Review

For anyone who has not played this stellar game series, this is what you call a “survival horror” game, which means you have a gun, you are alone and you have 1000s of zombies, dogs, ravens, monsters and mutants after you. The third installment of the Resident Evil game series actually takes place before the second game, so you are writing the future, playing as the lead heroine Jill (who survived the first game). You start out on the streets of Raccoon City, which has been ravaged by zombies, and you work your way to the Police Station and back … Continue reading Resident Evil 3: Nemisis PlayStation Review