Dino Crisis PlayStation Review

Steven Spielberg proved that Dinosaurs could be menacing and terrorizing and this game only adds to it. This game is similar to Resident Evil (also from Capcom), but more dangerous, because the dinosaurs actually run and jump over things to eat you, unlike sluggish zombies. Rather than stalking screen to screen like with Resident Evil, you can now run through a room and the camera will follow you, making for great chases (Dinosaurs chasing you), but unfortunately this leaves the player at a great disadvantage, because the camera is focused on the player, not the room, so Dinosaurs constantly get the edge lunging onto the screen. A huge plus to the game is the production, because hard work went into making this game and story excellent. The cinematic scenes to start with are of a higher quality and are very detailed, from breezing hair, brushing plant life to seeing the scales on a dinosaur. The dialog is not cheesy or over acted as in other survival horror games. There are nice visual details which no screen shot can show, such as the lighting effects are realistic, a light sources (computer screens, ceiling lights) illuminate on whatever the source hits. An unfortunate detail of this game is that whether you are bitten, clawed or pounced on, you can actually bleed to death without proper medical supplies. Another downfall of the game is that the item screen is not as neat and tidy as Resident Evil’s screen. This new system is rather difficult to use. Finally, with the start screen there is no cinematic introduction that will tip anything in the game to the player.

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