Resident Evil 3: Nemisis PlayStation Review

For anyone who has not played this stellar game series, this is what you call a “survival horror” game, which means you have a gun, you are alone and you have 1000s of zombies, dogs, ravens, monsters and mutants after you. The third installment of the Resident Evil game series actually takes place before the second game, so you are writing the future, playing as the lead heroine Jill (who survived the first game). You start out on the streets of Raccoon City, which has been ravaged by zombies, and you work your way to the Police Station and back into the city streets, trying to escape the town, all the while being stalked by a huge ugly killer which appears every once in a while to give the player a scare. Unlike the other two games, Jill is armed to the teeth right when you begin the game. She has a handgun, shotgun, magnum and an assault rifle, however unlike the original two games there are not waves of zombies to go through, instead there are only a few zombies, but the city streets are like a maze, so there is lots of ground to cover. There are only a few improvements made from the first two games. In Resident Evil 2, there were only 4 types of zombies, with this game there are dozens of zombies, such as fat zombies, beautiful zombies and so on. There is also a new system where you can make bullets for certain guns, but there is no chance you will ever run out of ammo. Another nice addition is that the player can dodge attacks without the player’s help. The graphics and sound are still excellent, but several graphics were taken straight from Resident Evil 2.

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