Viking: Sigurd’s Adventure Steam PC Review


Viking: Sigurd’s Adventure is a 2.5D side scrolling platforming adventure ported from mobile devices to the PC and it feels like it. There are incentives to keep you returning like a mobile games often do. The animations are a bit rough. It’s a fair game that lacks level diversity and a smoother camera that doesn’t jerk with every twitch going right to left.


The controls are simple with right and left only, with up or the spacebar to jump. Left mouse button to attack with your melee weapon and right to use a long range, limited number throwing axe. Like many platformers on the platform, this would feel better with native controller support. With that said, this feels natural to play. Platforming can be a bit tricky from the camera jerking a lot. You seem to only travel at one speed.

It’s all around basic. The real frills are using boxes to weigh down pressure plates to open doors. You can stomp enemies in addition to fighting them.


You play as Sigurd the viking in an age appropriate setting. Here’s the hilarious part, during the cut scenes Sigurd has a blonde beard, but in the game he has a dark beard and mane. I took the opportunity to quickly jump into the Android version of the game to discover the PC version doesn’t have you playing as Sigurd. You’re playing as Ragnar in the PC version, but that’s never mentioned. It’s just so odd the game would swap out its protagonist.

Levels usually begin with a brief dialog sequence that has our hero talking. These were forgettable and felt unnecessary, but kudos for including them. Perhaps the story unfolds into something grander, but I wasn’t going to play long enough to find out.


As mentioned several times, Sigurd Adventure was previously a mobile game. There is a reference to watching ads despite having no ads. You can get daily rewards for opening up the game. While these rewards can be nice, if the game was better, I’d want to return to keep playing because its fun or interesting. You get daily goals to achieve. Things like stomping on X enemies, collecting 100 coins and so on. It’s all motivation I suppose, but it feels like there could have been a more organic and less tacked on way to do it.


The camera is the game’s biggest problem. Moving forward sends the view forward as it should. Standing still will center it on the player. Moving left and right in quick succession can whip the camera around. So trying to land on small platforms and having to push left and right mid air to get lined up would shift the camera around, made platforming feel imprecise.

Leaping up keeps the camera on you, which can lead to issues of where to land. The game is full of spikes, water and danger. If you’re the type to get motion sickness easily, a mere jump or fall has the potential to get you nauseated. There’s also no way to look up or down, which would have been nice.

The game does use coins to incentivize the player where to go like down into what could be death pits, but they’re a mandatory part of the level. Signs with guiding arrows would have helped too.


You start in an over world map that lets you select markers to enter each level. Each marker has a stack of three star stones that will let you easily see what still needs your attention.

The first level starts off as a simple and easy joy. Before you know it, there’s a lot of verticality and the levels become mazes full of exploration to find coins and treasure chests. It feels like too much. You need to visit each nook and cranny if you want to collect each coin and sigil. After five levels, there were no bosses or even variety between levels. It’s the same grassy area built up with log platforms. The backgrounds do have a bit of variety matching the theme.

With that said, from the screenshots, there are other themed areas, but without having variety within the first 30 minutes, I was in no mood to see more of the game. Knowing that I still had a long way to go until I trekked through even more levels of the first over world map felt like a dull task.

The game does a good job of introducing new elements. Water rafts, sinking platforms, water instead of spikes, having spikes on the bottom of the platforms and rotating platforms all increased the challenges appropriately, even if it did little for my desire to keep playing the game.

It was also interesting that the first level’s enemies died in one strike, while the same enemies in other levels had enemies that required multiple strikes to dispatch. The further you get, the more recolored foes you’ll see such as bees and spiders.


With the gold you’ll find in each level, you can use it to purchase new weapons. The issue here is the weapons cost about the same as one another for a minimal increase in attack strength so your best bet is to wait a while longer to earn the gold, that will buy the best weapon. This is what happens when weapons cost 400, 500, 600 and so on. You can earn up to sixty gold in each level and once you have it, there’s no need to get it again. The game won’t even show you coins you’ve collected, so spending it becomes an issue too. That gold is gone.

Beyond weapons, you can upgrade stats like attack damage with your melee attack, your thrown weapon attack and the amount of throwing weapons you can carry. There are also upgrades for coins and bonuses. No clue what the bonuses mean, but it’s always wise to purchase upgrades that will increase your coins. Upgrading will cost you more and more sigils as your stats increase.

You can exchange 400 coins for 1 sigil and 1 sigil for 100 coins. Each level seems to contain 3 hidden sigils and the fore mentioned 60 coins.


Viking: Sigurd’s Adventure is a mediocre, middle of the road game. It needs more fun and more diversity. The flaws and mediocrity outweigh any enjoyment there is to be had. There are far worse games out there, but there are better games too.

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