German Fortress Steam PC Review

Welcome to German Fortress 3D, an archaic first person shooter set in a few flat rooms full of snipers so far away, you’ll never see them before you’re dead. Its downfalls are common with this first-person shooter engine. Horizontal rooms, no cover, bland gameplay and enemies that are cardboard cutouts always facing you.

The snipers are typical soldiers dressed in black, but have deadly precision. They begin peeling off health in an instant. To be hilarious, the game starts you with a knife which works fine, but they give you a shotgun… an empty shotgun. Oh but it gets better, once you murder your first Nazi soldier, he drops ammunition… that does nothing. In fact a lot of the ammunition dropped does nothing to replenish your supply. Once you have ammunition, your weapon fires a slow projectile rather than a hit scan weapon indicative of the genre. The slow projectile gives enemies a chance to side step your fireball that bellows from the barrel of your ineffective weapon.

After playing ten minutes, I never made it past a few cement grey rooms before getting mowed down. There is no cover. I came across a single health box that looked like it was taken from Doom. The entire game has free assets that hearken back to that early 90s first-person shooter. The catch is the game it’s paying homage to has depth, fun and color. All you’ll find in German Fortress 3D are grey walls and black Nazi soldiers… What is this game in grey scale? Well, I guess the swastikas are red, so there must be color.

There was no fun here in the game. It’s a hostile game and every small bit of movement without death is an achievement. Sure there is a save and load, but the problem is the enemies will still shoot you long before your projectiles will ever reach them.

The mouse sensitivity is another issue, it lacks the speed necessary to turn corners easily. If you want to get serious about playing the game, it’s best to face the wall of a corner and strafe out. That will give you a chance to access your foes without getting killed. These complaints can be copy / pasted to all the other games that use this simple engine. This feels like it’s the worst out of the games that use it. The others have their own art, better enemy design and levels that are fun.

For those that care, you’ll find no achievements, cards, quality or effort put into German Fortress 3D. It’s obvious from the gameplay that the game doesn’t want you to play. Please avoid it. There are better first-person shooters on a horizontal plane.

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