Extreme Formula Championship Steam PC Review

Extreme Formula Championship is a simple Formula-1 racer across five tracks against slow opponents for what amounts to five easy achievements. Are you someone that needs to 100% a game’s achievements in 20 minutes? This is for you. Are you someone that enjoys race games at a budget price? You may want to avoid this. There’s a demo if you’re giving this game serious consideration. That’s all the review you need.

First off, the game is easy. The opponents are too slow, but there’s a reason for that, because if you take a turn while holding the accelerator you’re going to spin out. Despite spinning out and having to do a three point turn about each time, I can still lap past cars on three lap circuits. You can use a controller or a keyboard. I bring it up, because the controller seems like the inferior method. The left analog stick controls both the steering and your ability to go forward and backward. It’s like driving a trolley rather than a race car. This feels like an issue when the car is likely to spin out while you’re accelerating around a turn. Sure you could drop your speed, but this is racing!

There are five closed circuit courses and everything is set up as single race exhibitions. Win or lose, you get kicked back to the title screen. The tracks feel credible and fit the theme of a professional racer at a budget price. There are tires that act like walls, rails that act like walls and walls that act like walls. Driving over dirt and grass is the same as going over pavement, so there’s no incentive to stay in the lines.

The cars seem to be selectable from the start, but without stats, you’re going for what color you want. Green, blue or other various colors of the rainbow? The selection process has a streamlined menu, but moving from car to car takes a while. It starts each car in a dark room, followed by the lights turning on at a slow pace and the camera going forward to focus on the vehicle. Since I’m forced to select my car each race that why bother selecting my favorite color? It might get considered even more wasted time having to select from statistics on each car.

Before you select your car before each race, you need to first select how many laps you want to endure. You can go for the default three or push yourself to the limit with one hundred laps! If the game’s opposition had any sort of threat to it, that might be a great challenge. Under normal circumstances, this would go unmentioned and assumed, but in a review where I struggle to find anything to say, it has to get mentioned.

Once you wrap up the five tracks, there is no reason to return. Most racing games keep track of your best times for both the race and single laps. I understand this is a budget racer, but please, give me a reason to come back. If you can muster Steam achievements in the game, then you can find a way to save records.

To my surprise, I had played another racer from this studio as well and this is a far different game than the other one. In terms of style, there is no charm here with Extreme Formula Championship. It feels like more standardized and stock assets that are basic templates. Basic formula race cars, basic textures, basic everything and even a single basic guitar song to wrap it all up with a bow. It is the most generic description of a formula racing game.

This experience can get enhanced and improved. I’d like to see that happen for this game or the next game. According to the credits, there’s a team of six or seven people. You can make this happen.

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