Go Mission: Space Travel Steam PC Review

Go Mission: Space Travel or as I like to call it, “Space Mission: Go Travel” is a basic vertical alleyway shmup or in this case, I’ll call it the gutter. Its basic, mundane, simple and tedious. You fire one shot at a time, there are no power ups, no bosses and while some people like this simplicity, this game is dull and monotonous.

The first issue is that your triangle of a ship only moves left and right with the arrow keys and shoots each time you press the up key. If you’re condemned to using a keyboard, it turns into a struggle of fatigue coupled with having your fingers cramped together in such a small area. The small area is especially awkward on something like my laptop with smaller arrow keys. I can understand the fatigue is part of the challenge and having to carefully line up your shots, but some enemies take far too many bullets.

The saving grace for the controls is the partial controller support. You still have to rapidly press the button to shoot. If the developer ever wants to make a sequel or update this game to make it more friendly, a slower rate of fire when holding the button would be helpful. Harder difficulties could still force the player to use rapid button presses. There are no key rebinds, no full screen and the second player gets to use the WAD keys to move and shoot.

If you can make it past the control issues, you’ll have to face the tedium. The first level has two types of asteroids, ones that you can shoot and a smaller version that is immune to your gunfire. Other than that, there are three enemy ships that appear early in the level. The ships create some sort of smoke screen behind them, before they shoot directly behind them. Since the ships have such high health, I can tell they should last the entire level, because they appear toward the start and never again.

When I had thought the first level is endless, it ended after a few minutes and sent me to the shop. Its great the game has a store, but I was unable to collect money from the three defeated ships. The second player is unable to catch cash at all. The larger asteroids drop something, some sort of timer to keep you alive. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong. It never seemed to make a difference since they were so abundant. With no money to spend in the store, its on to the second level!

On the second level, I died and never respawned. This is a big issue. Despite having both players destroyed, the shooting sounds still continued. I could have respawned elsewhere like off screen. The enemies couldn’t kill me and my projectiles never appeared. I was only able to find a pause with no pause menu or way to restart the game.

The game gives you a generous 10 lives and that feels excessive, because I was mentally done playing the game long before I lost those lives. I would prefer less lives or at least a difficulty that gives you less lives. A high score is also missing from the game and for something as bare bones as this, it needs a high score to chase. It needs more money for the store with shorter or more dynamic enemies to keep the level length from feeling excessive.

Its a struggle to recommend the game to anyone other than people who want cards and nothing more. There could be a better game here with more effort and tweaking.

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