Nitro Rage Steam PC Review

Nitro Rage is an online multiplayer car combat game. There seem to be no bots to play against, making for a super dull singleplayer experience. Sure you can drive around an empty map imagining all the cool things you can do, but there was no one playing the game for me to play a match against. The game looks good and it should for using the engine it is… the map is big… but I think that’s where the compliments end.

I differ to the “no trailer, no buy.” You can also tell a lot about a game by its menu buttons and HUD. In this case its transparent boxes with text over them. Sure they can output a game that looks great, but can’t cobble together a HUD and menu buttons? It leads me to believe they didn’t make the game or just imported its assets and maps. I hate to jump to that conclusion, but there’s just not a lot to talk about with an online multiplayer only game that didn’t have any multiplayer when I played it.

To the developers, if you’ve made it this far, add some bots please. To anyone looking to buy it, avoid it.

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