Vodka Steam PC Review

Vodka is a vertical space shooter with mouse and keyboard controls for full aim. Enemy waves and enemies are basic, but there’s a charm about the game. There is a lot of up side and fun, but the real downfall is that it is too easy. It took me 40 minutes to die a second time in what seems like an endless space shooter. Levels get the slightest bit more difficult. There is a store between levels to restore health, restock ammunition and buy minor upgrades.

I’ll start with the glaring flaws. The enemies are basic sprite swaps. Most of them do the same thing and they fire different projectiles. They come in basic patterns that move forward with the occasional asteroid flying straight at you. There is only a single song… that I heard for 40 minutes. That got to be a bit much.

After each fifth level or so there is a boss fight. The boss fights are similar, but the game changes it’s dynamic into more of a single screen platformer. Pressing up makes you jump, which is helpful for dodging the bullet spam that the bosses launch. The boss movement patterns feel similar, even if their attacks are different. Once you’ve upgraded your shots, its easy to whittle down a boss. It seems odd there are only achievements up to the third boss when there are more bosses. The game may assume players will pass out long before that.

Killing enemies sends coins your way without having to move anywhere to pick them up. Dead enemies turn red, before they shake and blast off in any direction. They could have been dangerous, but no, they’ll go straight through you.

To make the game less of a slog, there are a few power-ups in floating ? boxes. Power-ups are basic, they can give you coins, add temporary bottles that act like 2 extra weapons, and one that launches a lot of asteroids at you. There are also plenty of ships to unlock and play as.

The game looks good and has a charm for it’s basic, yet fun sprites. It does a good job with atmosphere and the music melts in and helps, but it gets old after a long play through. The easiness of the game hinders it for me. It could be better for players who drink actual vodka while playing. At a dollar its well worth a risk to see if you enjoy it.

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