Police Patrol Steam PC Review

Police Patrol puts you in the excitement of a police car that has to box in a criminal during a high speed chase. By box in I mean you maintain a speed next to the car for a few seconds. Its an interesting premise and its a good engine that lets you have full camera control with your mouse.

That’s where the praise ends, because this game is a quick four chases in random order. Each environment seems to be a different art style from the previous leading me to believe its a bunch of maps from various sources thrown in. You begin each chase from a dead stop to give the assailant a chance, because its far too easy.

These challenges take mere seconds to complete once you get the hang of how the camera handles. For whatever reason the camera begins each chase looking at the side of the vehicle rather than chasing it. I suppose that’s the only bit of challenge the game has to offer.

The game plays fine, but with challenges so quick there needs to be a system to keep track of the fastest time, leaderboards or something to make it worth playing beyond the three minutes of new content. Maybe this is someone’s first project, maybe its an asset flip. Whatever it is, avoid it until it gets more interesting or gives you a reason to put your dollar down for it.

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