Primitive Racing Steam PC Review

Primitive Race is a beat the clock game through a single city full of 90 degree turns. From the look of it this is some Unity asset, so there’s always an issue… should I review it as a store bought pre-packaged asset flip or should I review “the game?” Even the trailer looks to be straight from the Unity asset shop.

As a game its a bit tough since you have fast cars and the city is full of 90 degree angles. If you notice the trailer never goes on the sidewalk, nor hits any cars. That’s because sidewalks and cars are invisible walls. Let me type that again… the sidewalks and cars are invisible walls.

When try driving on a sidewalk, bam, dead stop. When you hit a car, dead stop. I understand there needs to be obstacles to enhance the challenge, but there’s no impact with anything you hit. Nothing is affected, no shatter, no break and the other vehicles sit there until you drive away. There needs to be some sort of feedback, a subtle screenshake or something to show you came to a dead stop because you somehow hit a sidewalk.

There are two game modes, free drive that lets you explore and familiarize yourself with the city and the time trials that have you beating your own best time. There are no races against other competitors. Why familiarize yourself with the city when the time trial blocks off routes and sends you on specific paths? I assume you make money for doing these time trials, but there’s no congratulations or dollar value in a finished race so much as you get money for finishing.

Since there are so many 90 degree turns, you can modify your car. Swap out the bumpers, the spoilers and so on, which modifies the stats. Better handling is always a plus. You can purchase different cars, but the game was dull and difficult. These fast cars were meant for straight rows with minimal turning. You do get a nitro boost, but before you know it there’s another turn. Plus hitting a car means you have to reverse and drive around them.

Another thing to take note of is the trailer. Sure its taken straight from the Unity store, but selling a game they chose to show off the car selection screen first rather than the gameplay. That alone seems like a warning sign when purchasing a game.

If someone were to take this asset kit and make a grander game that lets you compete against other racers and drive on sidewalks, that’s fine by me. I like the voxel style and there’s potential here to grow the game into something more entertaining. With a city, perhaps a taxi or delivery mode as well.

Other games do the single city 90 degree turning racer far better than this with more impact and entertainment. This is just a humble asset flip that someone rushed onto Steam. I thought I’d give it a chance before my friend showed me oh look its in the Unity asset store. Then my other friend told me I should review the game. So here I am.

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