Steel Eagle Steam PC Review

Steel Eagle is a lesser shooter, that feels like its on tar for having to cover such a wide screen. Most vertical shooters are in an alleyway for a reason, so you can get enemies easier. With Steel Eagle, you need to accept the enemies as being not worth your time to get.

Speaking of not worth your time to get, Steel Eagle as a whole is a tough game to get into. There are limited graphics, the game is slow and simple without being fun. The second stage managed to leave me behind. The auto scroller went right past me and I was unable to catch up and nothing was able to kill me.

The game is single player only with a bland background that in a way the green blends with the red of the enemies to make it a mess. That one background is all there is, you need to purchase DLC for the cave background. Wow.

Another issue is that many keyboards do not allow two arrow keys and the spacebar to be pressed at the same time. In other words, when you shoot with the spacebar and try to move diagonally, you will only move vertical or horizontal. This is a problem since the keys cannot be rebound.

On the plus side, the music is good and almost catchy, but fails to loop proper. There’s a noticeable end point, before it starts. I would have preferred it to be a smoother transition between beginning and end. There is only one loop.

Oh but there are more issues. The color of text in the menu blends in with the menu background itself. If you are in full screen mode, there is no way to exit the game. There are no menu icons to exit, nor could I Alt + F4 to quit.

As much as I hate to bash a game that the developer gave me to review, it was dull and needs more work.

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