Razerwire Steam PC Review

Razerwire is a new take on the bullet hell genre. Instead of shooting and dodging bullets, you weave through packs of enemies to use your razerwire to cut through enemies. It starts out easy to manage without much thread of enemies, but soon into it the screen is flooded with enemies.

At first, I didn’t understand the game that you were supposed to cut enemies with the laser, rather than focus the beacon on them. The beacon takes damage and beeps when its low on health. Its an interesting concept that forces you to navigate through enemy clusters like a Bullet Hell.

It looks great, although the backgrounds are a bit stretched and the music is fitting. Both will go a long way to keep the player in game against such a radically different concept.

The upgrades are a nice touch, but since the upgrades will get you further in the game, people may call that a grind. The players at the top of the leaderboards will have undoubtedly put in hours to unlock the upgrades so that seems a bit unfair. So if you don’t invest the time to get the abilities, you’ll never be able to compete.

A shout out to the developer for giving me this game. I enjoyed it enough to record 50 minutes before the video was lost, so I replayed it for 30 minutes.

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