Romby Steam PC Review

Lets ignore the women scattered all over this game and talk about ROMBY. Its a good puzzle game that’s based on both skill and luck to connect lines of four or more colors. When you place a diamond on the grid, the game assigns a different diamond on the grid. When the grid fills up, its game over so games never take more than a few minutes.

Strategy is simple, setup two long lines in a row and then combine them. That’s risky with so much luck involved of where the game places its random diamond. Once you make a line of four or more there’s a score multiplier that appears and starts counting down with each second. So its wise to have a bunch of 3 in a row ready before you line one up and go through a bunch more. However, that’s more luck as the next diamond you get is a random color. A good feature would be to save 2 colored blocks to place later.

Now its time to discuss the women and their role in the game… they’re trophies for a specific mode. Well for Steam lets call them visible achievements. You play a specific mode where you select 8 silhouettes and achieve things to make them appear. Things such as score 700 points and get a score multiplier of 3. As you achieve things the women will come into focus on the side. Since you select the silhouettes individually, you can’t unlock them all on one fantastic run. When you unlock them they appear on the title screen in a lineup. You can play “free mode” that is devoid of eye candy on the side.

Other than that you can visit the settings to change the theme from colored diamonds to lollipop circles or numbers. The numbers and lollipops are also colored, so you might as well save your eyes and just use the colored diamonds rather than having to read numbers in a split second that you need to keep your combo going.

As for score chasers or achievement hunters, there is a global leaderboard and plenty of achievements. It seems like this game has a high rate of people who have earned the achievements.

For a sequel or DLC, I would appreciate more variety in the grids than just the standard 8 x 8 grid for each game. It might also be worth considering a puzzle mode that includes prearranged diamonds on the grid and predetermined color diamonds for you to place you rather than random colors.

Romby is simple, easy, engaging and fun with or without the women on the side. For a dollar, its an easy recommendation.

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