Inferno Puzzle Steam PC Review

Inferno Puzzle is an ugly match 3 game. I’d like it far more if I enjoyed what I was looking at. The icons look like they’re different art styles taken from different sources, the buttons have no images on them so they’re just the default button. The meters on the side look out of place.

For those unaware, match 3 games involve sliding tiles to match 3 or more colors in a row. Once those are matched, they disappear and the higher tiles fall down because that’s how gravity works. Getting four in a row results in the entire line being cleared, which I do enjoy. Its an enjoyable genre that I can get lost in. There are plenty of games out there that do it better and look like a cohesive product rather than a mishmash of backgrounds, tiles and buttons blended together.

The thing that keeps my interest with Inferno Puzzle is there’s a goal, you have 10 moves to get some sort of score. Its never explained so I just assume that’s what it is. Its good to have an objective and to diversify these puzzles. When one ends, a new one begins.

When you start the game, you select from an array of 21 buttons strewn about on the title screen. These are the 21 different puzzles. The higher the puzzle, the more hollow tiles there are. These hollow tiles cannot be used and tiles will fall through them as if they were ghosts. When you score high enough, you move onto the next puzzle.

Other issues I have with the game is there’s no full screen, but there’s barely a title screen. The game should use the inferno / Hades theme more. Work fire into the game, tiles should burn up as they dissipate. The Unreal engine logo is still on the menu bar.

Everything about Inferno Puzzle says its low effort. With that said, its a tough price to beat and the game is competent. You can always get a refund. A big shout out to Lawman who bestowed this game upon me. Now that’s the magic of friendship when you can send your friend a game like this and still remain friends.

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