Devil Daggers Steam PC Review

Devil Daggers is an easy to play with 4 arrow keys and mouse aim to shoot, hard to put down, simple first person shooter that puts you in a horrific micro world on a single platform face to face with thousands of skulls. These skulls are relentless in their pursuit of you. You need to stay moving and look around at all times or you’ll turn around into a wall of bouncing bone. Most attempts last less than a minute, because once you get hit that’s it. You’re sent to the leaderboard, but you can get back to the game with a click of the retry.

Shooting is easy, hold down the mouse button and a steady stream of dagger bullets will flow from your hand. Press the mouse button and they will shotgun out in a fat burst of projectiles. The problem with that is I was never able to consistently fire that shotgun burst after 40 minutes, so I just never used it. The enemies are always on top of you. Enemies take a bit of damage before they dissipate and they’ll turn a bright orange when low on health. What’s that… an easy mode where enemies have less health? No… welcome to the pit, you were sent here to die.

Its a needlessly difficult game, a bit unfair, there is no warning you’re about to die from a wall of skulls other than you know enemies will always be on top of you. That’s just the arcade nature of it. If you don’t want to put up with that, then this clearly isn’t the game for you. Because you can just get right back into the thick of it, there’s no sort of lost progress. You have what you have going in as you will have when you die.

While most first person shooters waste time on levels and enemy variety, Devil Daggers keeps it simple. You are here. You will never leave here. You will run around in an infinite circle bull fighting enemies until you die. Towers will crop up to spawn enemies. Usually one burst pours a dozen or so skulls with a secondary horned skull that does laps. These horned skulls drop gems. Destroying enemy towers will dislodge red gems. When you stop shooting, the gems get pulled toward you. Collecting gems will eventually upgrade how many daggers you can shoot.

Devil Daggers puts forth a convincing environment and great sound design. Other than that, if you have seen a minute of it, you have seen the game. Sure more enemies happen, but there’s little variety here when even the most basic enemy will kill you dead.

With all the frustration and aggravation, its still a tough game to put down as you’re dumped right back into the game with nothing lost. You can keep running on that treadmill away from enemies for all eternity until you finally realize how much time has passed by.

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