Green Cat Steam PC Review

Green Cat is a simple platformer with a gun and instant death. The game is a piece of art as it looks great and sounds great even without music. As platforms assemble they make noises which essentially become the music. Its one of those things that is too difficult too soon. Its a needlessly difficult game, the enemies seem to have random actions which makes them dangerous and there are tricky jumps just a few minutes into playing the game.

You start out on a hovering platform and need to press a button to generate the next stage. Then when you reach the next hovering platform you need to press that button again to generate the next stage. Why do I bring that up? Because the game neglected to remind me, so I’d just wait for the next stage. I’d even go back through the stage only to discover it deteriorates as time goes by as incentive to keep going.

These stages are quick, maybe a few seconds if that. By the fourth stage you’re jumping from narrow platform to narrow platform. By the fifth its modified to include jump blocks that launch you into the air. Then on the sixth you’re launching yourself higher on narrow platforms. It all needs to be perfect even if its mere seconds of perfection. To compensate for difficult design the game gives you infinite lives.

Even with a gun, its tough to call it a shooter as you will find enemies after the first few stages and what you do find multiplies when you shoot them. So its more like they’re obstacles. Here’s the problem with jumping over enemies, they don’t collide with you, the invisible square around them collides with you. That makes it a bit frustrating as small enemies still have big hit boxes. The same goes for projectiles and the enemies will fire three at once in a random spray to make the game even tougher.

To give you the illusion of more control you do have a weak double jump that still seems to get me killed trying to dodge things where invisible boxes still hit me. There were also times where enemies would spawn on me. Its an exercise in frustration that I’m uncertain if its by design or just bad game development.

I highly recommend looking at the game for its color, simplicity and sound… but avoid playing it unless you want to maneuver around the game’s flaws.

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