Retro Space Shooter Steam PC Review

From the look of it, this game is called the “80’s Shoot’Em Up Kit” so chances are Retro Space Shooter is something else. What is it to me though? Well to me it was two levels and a whole three or four minutes to complete the “game.”

For anyone looking for a real review, this is a tough one. Do I critique the “game” or do I talk about the “kit?”

As a game, the trailer feels misleading as a lot of what’s in the trailer isn’t in the game, but let’s talk about what is here. There are debugging options always on screen you can click on to enable coins, invulnerability and a debug mode. Its a bit silly to leave them in here in a game, but when you’re flipping the “80’s Shoot’Em Up Kit” onto Steam, why take the time to remove them?

Killing rows of enemies gives you item pickups that result in better weapons such as bombs that fall down and a dual shot that fires up at an angle. The weapons are meaningless when the “game” is so short before it loops. A game this short would benefit from having a high score, let alone leaderboard support.

If you’re here for a game, then you should avoid Retro Space Shooter. If your game is more of a witch hunt, then this is right up your alley, so I’d recommend getting your tomatoes!

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