Prison Run and Gun Steam PC Review

Prison Run and Gun is an enjoyable puzzle platformer. It looks good, sounds good, plays good with a controller, there’s a lot of puzzle diversity in the puzzles. The deaths are well animated and numerous. The colors look great and it all just blends together for a great little game that’s frequently on sale under a dollar.

Everything mixes together for a great experience. Its all creative, fun and logical. You’ll flip switches to turn things off, figure out a way to get around a wall of fire, get a gun, throw it to another ledge to shoot enough boxes to make a staircase to a high ledge, roll a barrel to a point it needs to explode and so on. It also has everything a platformer should have. You’ll deal with exploding barrels, dodging saw blades, timing jumps while avoiding peril.

Going into this game I felt it would be more of an action game, but I often purchase games and forget why I bought them or what they are. I prefer it that way to go into cheap games to be surprised. Chances are 99% of them will be terrible or problematic games, but Prison Run and Gun is enjoyable.

The guns feel good, even if you use them brief moments to cause great looking explosions, destroy boxes and murder enemies. I say brief moments, as you can jump higher and grab ledges without a gun, so the game has a throw mechanic. You can toss your gun and for lower platforms you can toss it up, grab a ledge and climb up. Taller ledges force you to leave your weapon behind.

In terms of enemies, its mostly traps and automated weapons. You can destroy gun turrets, blow up generators that power electric barriers, and mine carrying inmates. Other than that, there are machine guns with laser sights that will instantly murder you. Everything murders you, but you start back at the beginning of the room. If you manage to trap yourself from destroying too many boxes, you can restart the room by holding down for a brief moment.

Since this is still a platformer, you’ll encounter moving platforms, destructible platforms that you can blow up with a mine or a crash helmet. The crash helmet also lets you take an extra bit of damage without being killed. Its just another layer to this great cake.

The achievements feel like they need to be earned as even 30 minutes into the game I have yet to unlock one. To enhance the game, I can recommend leaderboards, best times and even a mode with lives. Unlockable characters would be nice even if they’re alternate skins. Perhaps that already gets unlocked at the end of the game.

To reiterate and close this review, Prison Run and Gun is one of the better low price games on Steam. Give it a try and if you don’t like it, there’s always the ability to refund.

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