Pixel Shooter Steam PC Review

Its tough to recommend an eight minute, bare bones shooter such as “Pixel Shooter.” The name should tell you all the depth the game has. Its a game that I completed in eight minutes before it had achievements, so I guess I have to go back.

For those still reading, you have the same single weapon through the game’s copy and paste levels. Your bullets go through the walls, taking away some of the challenge. I say copy paste levels because they are dreadfully similar with something new added to the end. Plenty of them start with 2 spike pits with a bit of ground between. When I plowed through the game it had 10 levels. The developer mentioned new levels. Even with new levels and achievements, its tough to get excited to replay the game.

The game suffers from several issues. At some point things in the game weren’t even animated. There is only one background and tileset, which I suppose is okay for an 8 minute game. The player’s elbows get caught on platforms. There is no title screen, nor any game over, because you get unlimited lives. The spikes on walls fail to align properly.

When you take damage, there is no invulnerability period so you can whittle away your health in a near instant. If an enemy lands on you it stays on top and will kill you in a hurry.

Having space for jump and shift for shooting while using arrow keys feels like a struggle. Holding the space will keep you jumping when you land. When you land, your feet go a bit into the ground. There is no animation for the jump. Oh but the enemies have jump animations that they’ll get stuck in when they land.

Shooting enemies is obsolete as you have a generous jump to get over them in most cases. To ensure shooting is a waste of time, each enemy has excessive health. You have plenty of health to keep going with the damage you take. Completing a level kicks you back to the level select screen.

Its still possible for “Pixel Shooter” to get better, but until that time, think before you purchase. You’ve seen the trailer and that’s what the game has to offer.

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